About Us

Nigel Drayton, the owner and executive chef, at Nigel’s Good Food dreamed of one day opening a nice restaurant in town. With the support of his wife, Louise, and their children he worked his way up the culinary ladder. He has worked at various restaurants in Charleston such as Hymans Seafood Co, Vickery’s Bar and Grill, and Charleston Crab House. His skills accomplished his winning First place in the Oyster Recipe Contest. Nigel’s award winning Oyster stew is now featured on his menu. Nigel and Louise’s goal for “Nigel’s Good Food” is to provide excellent service in an upscale restaurant in North Charleston, where all can enjoy Charleston’s favorite dishes including seafood, and soul food. Nigel and Louise, are now focusing on the future of “Nigel’s Good Food”, and hoping to franchise the restaurant, and one day it being the most popular restaurant in town. Nigel is a very family oriented man, and with Louise’s customer service background made sure the atmosphere at Nigel’s Good Food was appropriate for all. Nigel claims his wife and kids are his greatest inspirations,” they are the reason I come to work, and work hard.” Everything on the menu at Nigel’s is inspired by the food Nigel grew up eating. When Nigel was asked how he came up with all the recipes, he replied with “practice, it took lots of practice.” By persevering Nigel has accomplished a lifelong dream; to one day have a restaurant where he could provide exceptional service and good food.