North Charleston Restaurant

Most restaurants have specialty items, and Nigelís is no different. Specialty items at Nigelís include: Geechie wings, Fried Green Tomatoes, Whiskey Shrimp, a Meat and Three (description in the soul food tab), Shrimp and Grits, and Old Fashioned Kool Aids. Geechie wings are fried wings tossed in one of Nigelís special sauces called Geechie sauce. Geechie sauce is our take on buffalo but sweet and not the spice that burns your tongue. Geechie wings are served with blue cheese vinaigrette dressing. Those who donít like blue cheese dressing love our blue cheese vinaigrette and geechie wings. Our whiskey shrimp is full of lowcountry favorites: shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. After being cooked in our hand crafted whiskey butter, the ingredients are served up like a soup with grilled garlic bread for dipping. Shrimp and grits is an entrťe on the menu that is a blast from Charlestonís past with the true traditional brown gravy. The grits are very creamy and rich; the shrimp is sautťed shrimp to perfection; and the brown gravy is full of flavor, onions, peppers bacon and sausage. Perfectly battered and fried green tomatoes topped with a corn relish also accompany those creamy grits dressed with white cheddar cheese and a red pepper coulis on our menu as an awesome appetizer. Nigelís Good Food also serves three different flavors of old fashioned kool-aid. Fruit punch (red), peach, and lemonade, all three mixed and sweetened just right. Come to Nigelís Good food to enjoy some Charleston dining and just have an all around good time.